Shayne Ward – Closer (Deluxe Edition) (2015)

CD Shayne Ward - Closer (Deluxe Edition) (2015)

Informações do CD:

Artista: Shayne Ward
Álbum: Closer (Deluxe Edition)
Gênero: Pop
Lançamento: 2015
Tamanho: 137 Mb
Qualidade: 320 Kbps
Formato: Mp3


Músicas no CD

01. Moving Target
02. My Heart Would Take You Back
03. I Never Said
04. The Way You Were
05. Too Much to Lose
06. Crying, Lying Eyes
07. I’m so Proud of You
08. Make It Simple
09. Fake
10. I Let You Get Away
11. Rendez-Vous, The Place I Love
12. About You Now
13. If You Were Here Tonight
14. No Promises (Acoustic)
15. My Heart Would Take You Back (JRMX Club Mix)
16. My Heart Would Take You Back (Voice Memo)
17. Make It Simple (Voice Memo)
18. Moving Target (Voice Memo)