Lisa Stansfield – The Moment (Deluxe) (2015)

CD Lisa Stansfield - The Moment (Deluxe) (2015)

Informações do CD:

Artista: Lisa Stansfield
Álbum: The Moment (Deluxe)
Gênero: Pop, R&B, Rock
Lançamento: 2015
Tamanho: 162 Mb
Qualidade: 320 Kbps
Formato: Mp3


Músicas no CD

01. Easier
02. Treat Me Like a Woman
03. When Love Breaks Down
04. Say It to Me Now
05. He Touches Me
06. Lay Your Hands On Me
07. The Moment
08. If I Hadn’t Got You
09. Take My Heart
10. Love Without a Name
11. Takes a Woman to Know
12. If I Hadn’t Got You (Radio Edit)
13. Don’t Explain (Live at Ronnie Scott’s)
14. When Love Breaks Down (Alternate Version)
15. The Moment (Alternate Version)
16. Say It to Me Now (Instrumental)